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Welcome to Großschönau with its

"state recognized health resort" Waltersdorf

Dear Guest,

have you been wondering what is exactly the phrase “Textile village“ means and what makes Großschönau so special as a textile village?

Maybe it is best summarized as follows: It is a place that was originally founded as a farming village but which, even in its early history, took on a rapid and extraordinarily successful development and specialization as a textile location without losing its rural, idyllic character. This almost 350 year old tradition of damask and towelling weaving was instrumental in shaping these meadowlands – this unique, homey image. With what we have on offer in "Textildorf Großschönau", we wish to show this unique history from its roots right up to the present through the many signs of this period in the town.

On the other hand, while upholding such tradition, a permanent adaptation is necessary in our ever-changing world. Structural changes, especially in the last 20 years, have been a particular challenge for the people of Großschönau and Waltersdorf. The success of these changes are shown in the development of the tourism in our community. A cultivated town image in an intact cultural landscape with a high quality of both life and environment offers our guests diversified suroundings. The town district of Waltersdorf, titled a “state recognized health resort“, vouches for quality. In the meantime, the community of Großschönau is one of the most significant tourist towns in the entire Oberlausitz district. The living testament of our regional architecture – the “Umgebinde“ houses – give Großschönau and the town district of Waltersdorf a very special charm. Many sport and free-time facilities offer adventurous activities in the community and it’s also only a short trip to the Zittauer Gebirge Nature Park. Großschönau is also a very special location in the “three countries corner“ due to its proximity to the three bordering Czech towns of Varnsdorf, Dolní Podluží and Mařenice. This makes day trips to our Czech neighbours in the idyllic Lausitzer mountains (i.e. Lužicke Hory) a great day out.

Have we made you curious about the Textildorf? You can gather more information on our internet site or directly in the tourist information office in the Naturparkhaus Waltersdorf and also find out about other interesting tourist attractions and free-time activities on offer. Thank you so much for your interest.

Yours sincerely

Frank Peuker
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