The landlords of the community Großschönau welcome you.

You can enjoy the calm and the recreation, delight on the treasures of the nature, limitless hike, discover lively heritage - all this and much more expects you in Nature Park Zittau Mountains.

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Hint: In the community Großschönau Tourist tax is charging. In exchange you get per family one Guest card by your landlord, which is valid in the whole area from Nature Park Zittau Mountains and offers you lots of reductions. In our community it is for example a reduction for a visit in "Waldstrandbad" in the TRIXI-Park, a visit in the museum "Deutsches Damast- und Frottiermuseum" or the "Volkskunde- und Mühlenmuseum". In the library you have the free access for the Internet. Besides you can park everywhere in the community with the parking ticket which is filled out by your landlord.

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